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Chumani Angler, Synergy Angler, Bamba Angler

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Price: R 7650

This is a sit-on-top version of the standard sit-inside river running kayak allowing for beginners to enjoy rapids without the fear of entrapment. It's also very stable so confidence will build easily. Good fun on the ocean and while it's not designed for surfing, it is actually great for small waves.

Length Width Weight Capacity Material
2.7 m 78 cm 22 kg 120 kg Plastic

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Price: R 5450

The Buddy is a one seater playful sit-on-top. Small and light it's perfect for small rapids on the river or small waves on the sea. The Buddy was designed with flat water and ocean waves in mind, but it's surprisingly stable and easy to manoeuvre in light rapids.

Length Width Weight Capacity Material
2.6 m 84 cm 19 kg 120 kg Plastic

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Price: R6550

The Chumani is a one seater family sit-on-top based on the very successful Synergy design, with moulded-in footholds that can accommodate a large range of paddler sizes. The boat is just as home on the ocean and easy rivers as on flat water. The lifted bow punches through waves with ease, while the unique stern design creates stability when surfing.

A sealed hatch behind the paddler keeps little items perfectly safe and dry. The compartment on the stern is designed to hold most regularly used cooler boxes as well as a wide range of dry bags. The compartment on the bow can also accommodate a variety of dry bags, and can also serve as a seat for a kid facing the paddler.

The seat pictured is an optional extra.

Length Width Weight Capacity Material
3.3 m 81 cm 21 kg 130 kg Plastic


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Price: R 7650

The Synergy is the all around family recreational plastic proudly made here in South Africa. Its soft tri-hull makes for a super stable ride and the mellow keel helps tracking in a straight line.

The Synergy seats 1, 2 or 3 persons (2 adults and 1 youngster), with hassle free moulded-in footholds to accommodate paddlers of all sizes. The boat features four handles positioned conveniently making it easy to manhandle.

The standard fittings include a sealed hatch in the middle of the boat to keep little items perfectly safe and dry. A compartment on the stern, complete with straps and buckles, is designed to hold cooler boxes or dry bags. Extra items can be stashed on the bow using the fitted bungee cords and there is even a range of hooks should you want to attach thigh straps or a backrest.

Length Width Weight Capacity Material
3.8 m 84 cm 33 kg 220 kg Plastic

Available in Yellow or Orange.

The seats pictured are optional extras.

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Price: R 2750

The Vaya is a sit-on-top kayak for young kids, aged between 5 and 10. It has a fin to assist tracking, which can easily be attached to the stern with two bolts.
Like all sit-on-tops, the Vaya is a sealed unit, making it a safe boat the introduce kids to paddling. It is easy to paddle and easy to carry/drag around.

Length Width Weight Capacity Material
2.0 m 54 cm 11 kg 40 kg Plastic

Available in Yellow, Pink, Blue,
Orange & mixed colours.

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